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Get the most out of your simulation

Independent software
for componenent evaluation

A-Struct is a software based on already existing simulations and allows the user to interpret and document his simulation results in state-of-the-art mechanical engineering.
State of the art component evaluation
Get the most
out of your simulation
Degrees of utilization according to FKM guideline

What is your advantage
with A-Struct:

Standardized evaluation of your simulation results in state-of-the-art mechanical engineering.
Enormous time savings in component evaluation
Improvement of quality management through uniform documentation
Identification of optimization and improvement possibilities
Professionalization of your product development
Minimization of application errors in the FKM guideline
Complete material database
Extensive help and application documentation
and many more!

Aluminium parts







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Use A-Struct at any time as an independent solution. Evaluate your simulation results no matter which CAD / CAE software you use.
The additional user-friendly interfaces to your SIEMENS CAD / CAE environment enable maximum efficiency and simplify your verification process. You automatically get the following interfaces:
NX and Simcenter 3D / FEMAP

Software content

Assessment of the static strength using local stresses (FKM2012)
Assessment of the fatigue strength using local stresses (FKM 2012)
Automatic reporting (German / English):
¬ Short report for customers
¬ Detailed report for internal documentation
Standardized request for a lifetime plot of the own simulation results.
Implemented material database with all required values
Price: 4000€

(One-time payment, excl. local VAT)

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A- Struct Stand alone

A- Struct for NX / SIMCENTER

A- Struct for FEMAP

The standardized assessment of simulation results is a challenge, and time consuming for many users of simulation programs. This perception in our daily business was the motivation for the development of A-Struct.
We want to support our customers with the software and simplify the simulation application.

Michael Sippl, MSc
Managing director
ACAM Engineering GmbH

the Brain power behind a-struct


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